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Sergio Avila

Founder / Lead Developer

Hello! I’m Sergio Avila, the visionary and lead developer behind MAGNETFLUID Web Designs. My journey into the world of web development began with a passion for crafting unique digital experiences. I’ve devoted countless hours to refining my skills in Web Design, Shopify, Ecommerce, Python, Custom Apps, and more. With an extensive background in these areas, I’ve dedicated my career to providing superior website solutions.

It struck me that many small businesses face the daunting challenge of needing a professional website without the hefty price tag. Too many have been handed lackluster sites that appear out of touch with the modern digital landscape, while others hesitate to invest due to past experiences or tight budgets. Recognizing this gap, I redefined my business approach, offering a solution that’s both accessible and exceptional. Hence, the birth of my $0 down and $150 a month model, tailored to ensure small businesses don’t compromise on quality while not breaking the clients bank.

Quality Over Quantity

We vibe with what makes your business special and whip up content that's all about that unique flair. Let's team up and craft a website that makes you go "heck yes!" instead of just "meh". 😎

No Pre-Written Content

We write unique and engaging content around your company. Everyone is unique!

24/7 Customer Service

No automated systems - When you need help the lead developer answers your call.


Driving business growth through strategic marketing solutions and effective communication.