Frequently Asked Questions

Most freelancers or agencies won’t do a thing until they get paid. Our thinking is a bit different when it comes to this. We put ourselves in your position and minimize your risk from the beginning. We build everything up front for free and then present it to you before you even pay a dime. If you absolutely love it, you can pay for the service, and then we transfer over control of your store to you. Zero risk or cost on your end to see what your store can potentially look like.

All you have to say is yes 😌

We work fast. Like really fast. We can knock out entire sites in about 48 hours or less. We also offer same day service if you need a store built in less than 24 hours.

However, our advanced and ultimate store packages can take up to an additional 5 days for Instagram and Facebook to approve your store. The store itself will still be built per our usual time (48 hours or less)

Your Shopify store design, navigation menus, products, categories, payment and shipping options for your customers, your email capture form, all of your legal pages such as your terms of service, privacy, shipping, and refund policies. We create generic policies that make sense for most stores, however you may edit these to your liking. We also take care of all the miscellaneous stuff like about us and contact pages, making sure your store is fast and mobile responsive, and above all, making sure it’s built for simplicity and easy use by your customers.

Starter: Everything you need to get started selling. An excellent choice for those looking to just get going immediately with the basics.

Advanced: Includes Starter + Integrated Facebook and Instagram Shops that enable you to tag your products directly in posts and stories. Most people opt for this setup, which is amazing, but definitely not the best.

Ultimate: Starter + Advanced + Google Analytics + Omnisend Email Automation. For hardcore business owners looking to go all out on their brand. This the most bang for your buck hands down. 

All stores are usually built and presented within 48 hours. Store setups with Facebook and Instagram Shop integrations must be submitted and reviewed, which can take up to 5 additional days to get approved. 

At the very minimum, we would need your product images, names, descriptions, and pricing. Although we generally take the lead on most of the design process, we most certainly value your input. Feel free to give us any details about the sort of vibe or aesthetic you want for your store (Such as color schemes, font styles, etc). If you aren’t really sure, just leave it to us. We’re confident we can nail your project!

So our service fee to build your store is a one time cost. Moving forward, Shopify is $29 per month to have a store active on their platform, and your domain name will be $14 per year. This would apply the starter and advanced stores. If you’d like to go for the ultimate store, there would be one more additional monthly cost of $16 for the email automation platform we configure (Omnisend). 

Since we’re partners with Shopify, it’s super easy to transfer over everything to you. All we would need is some basic information from you, and you’ll receive an email from Shopify asking you to take ownership of the store. Once you do that, the final steps are choosing the $29 Shopify plan, buying your domain, and then removing the password to your store to open it up to the world. 

We’ll guide you through this transition process 😌

Don’t worry, we got you. We offer expert technical support for $99 on a month to month basis. Usually all requests are handled within 2-3 days at most (sometimes faster, just depends on what needs to be done). You’ll also be assigned an account manager so you always deal with the same person. Easy right?

Short answer, YES! Just communicate that with us and we can setup a date/time and go from there. Alternatively, you can request for us to send you a video link instead, explaining your entire store for you to watch on your own time. 👌

There isn’t one. We do what nobody else wants to do, and we do it better. A lot of business owners have the right idea, but actually putting everything together and making it look legit can become very overwhelming quite quickly. That’s where we come in. We take your idea, we work our magic, and then show it to you. If you love it, we move forward and start the transfer process. If not, no worries at all. Again, you don’t pay anything up front until you’re totally satisfied with the store and ready to take control.

Once we finish building your store for you, we’ll send you an complete invoice via PayPal. Once the invoice is taken care of, you’ll get an email from Shopify asking you to confirm ownership of your new store. Of course we’ll be guiding you through this process as part of our service 😌

Absolutely 😎

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and NEO.

Just let us know at the time of payment.

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